Hey there! Kate and Tony here! We’ve been in the wedding industry for a decade with our photography business, Kate Becker Photography, and since starting that, have branched out to create Northerly Photo Camper, and now PINEWOOD! During our time spent behind the scenes at hundreds of weddings and events through photography, we were taking notes on how to create a venue unlike anything Minnesota has to offer. Pinewood has been designed with a whole lot of love. Carefully thinking about the entire experience for you, your guests, and your vendors. Pinewood was designed by joining aesthetics and functionality. Allowing our clients and guests to have the most enjoyable experience while also designing many functional elements into the building for our vendors and our team to make the day as stress free as possible for our clients. We’ve poured so much of our hearts into this venue, and we cannot wait to share it with you!  

Our Mission

To be the most thoughtful venue in Minnesota. From the way we designed the building, to the paths that save the forest, to the way we treat our clients how we would want to be treated. Everything is done with heart, thought, and intention.

Our Vision

To provide the most stress free venue experience in the wedding industry, while making a positive impact on our communities and the world.

Our Purpose


Pinewood's Story