• Hours of Operation – Friday & Saturday 9am-11pm, Sunday – Thursday 9am-9pm
  • Silent Disco Start Time – 10pm (Friday & Saturday), Not required Sunday – Thursday
  • Candles are allowed inside, but there can be no open flames (all candles must be enclosed by a vase).
  • Sparklers are not allowed anywhere on the property. Only biodegradable confetti is allowed outdoors. No confetti inside (please refer to contract).
  • Please remember to coordinate help with teardown and take home everything you brought in at the end of the night!
  • Dogs are allowed here! YAY! Just not on furniture (must be kenneled in suites if unattended).
  • Limited parking for guest count over 230. No street parking (please carpool and let your guests know)!
  • Overnight parking is okay! Pickup before noon the following day.
  • We have a 900 pound ice maker in the bar area, if you need any you’re welcome to it!
  • Extra refrigeration in the kitchen if needed.
  • Tell your vendors about our vendor room!