Grand Stay Hotel

300 South Garfield Street Cambridge, MN 55008

The Grand Stay in Cambridge is the nearest hotel, located only 4 miles from Pinewood! (The Best Western Plus in Isanti is the next closest, see more info on that, below.)

The Grand Stay has partnered with Lorenz Bus Service to provide a shuttle to and from your event for the convenience of your guests!

Here is how the shuttle service works:
Since everyone’s needs are different (hours, type of shuttle, etc), Grand Stay will offer a credit towards your shuttle purchase! This will be based on the number of rooms booked with them and will be credited to you after your wedding.
The credit will be 10% of the total for rooms booked with Grand Stay in Cambridge!
For example if your guests book 30 rooms @ $119.00 = potential credit would be $357.00 towards a shuttle! (this would vary based on room cost)
They are also going to offer a FREE hotel room for the bride and groom if 15 rooms are booked so that’s another plus!
Lorenz is the shuttle company that we are working with AND they are graciously offering a 10% discount to Pinewood couples which is reflected below!!
Grand Stay/Lorenz Partnership
Here is a list of some of the shuttle options from Lorenz.
Lorenz Bus Service
Hours Elite Coach Deluxe Coach Midsize (30-40) Mini (18-23) School Bus
4 $701.10 $553.50 $517.50 $463.50 $292.50
5 $815.10 $643.50 $598.50 $544.50 $360.00
6 $929.10 $733.50 $679.50 $625.50 $427.50
7 $1,043.10 $823.50 $760.50 $706.50 $495.00
8 $1,157.10 $913.50 $841.50 $787.50 $562.50
9 $1,271.10 $1,003.50 $922.50 $868.50 $630.00
Next Steps
If you need rooms and plan on booking at the Grand Stay please reach out to Brandy Wempner ( directly so she can book you correctly in their system for the amount of room blocks you need.
Next you’ll book with the shuttle service like you normally would. If you’d like to get the shuttle discount please reach out to Mike at Lorenz and let him know you’re booking with Pinewood! (
Lastly, the Grand Stay will work with you on the final details and provide you a free room if your guests book 15 rooms! Within 45 days after your wedding you’ll get a check sent to you with the shuttle credit/refund! 
Other Shuttle option (no partnership deal)
Mary Anns Tours –
Taxi Service
Cambridge Cab – (763) 552-8294 (2 cabs available until 4am)

Best Western Plus

409 Main Street East Isanti, Minnesota 55040

The next nearest hotel option: Best Western Plus located 8 miles from Pinewood in Isanti.
Megan and Charity will be in charge of helping Pinewood guests book room blocks for your weekends here! They are offering a slight discount on room blocks for Pinewood guests!

Contact info below...
Megan Hook
Area Director of Sales -
Charity Evans
General Manager -